The different associations

What would a school be without its associative life!
Need a break, want to be involved ? A large pannel of associations are at your disposal to animate your student life. Most of them are sub-entities of the BDE – the “bureaux” – and the others are independent associations such as the gala or the TD4R. You want to know more ? Then click!
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The heart of the associations

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Tournaments, competitions, licenses, everything is here!

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The BDArts

In charge of the superb fresco of the foyer, the exhibitions, the arts week and many others. They’re just waiting for you!

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The 8mm

This is the school video association. It is especially thanks to her that you can enjoy the famous SEGM during the parties.

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The BDVoyages

Enhance your wildest dreams:

Propose your desires and motivated people take care to organize them.

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The BDPoly

To follow a course is not easy so imagine if you did not have handouts to help you … We are here to correct it!

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The Gala

With an alternation between small and large galas, you will enjoy it every year. Everyone is invited. We will make you spend an unforgettable evening!

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The TD4R

One tournament, four racket sports and as many teams as possible

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The BDFêtes

We organize a friendly party accompanied by a meal of our best chefs before each holiday!

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You’re an incoming student? Do you feel a little lost? The Bureau des Etudiants Étrangers is there for you.

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The BDZik

Need to animate an evening or rent equipment? It is up to us to speak!

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The Taverne

In the heart of a particularly warm place, the foyer, you will be able to order beers to enhance your meal.

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The Topaze

Once everyr semester in a while, the Topaz, a gazette of all gossip is published, be careful if you do not want to end up mentioned

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The Pom-poms

If you feel like a dancer or just want to have fun, join the pom-poms so that we can win the first place of every event!

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The (soon) junior school enterprise

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Having a BDE is already cool in itself but an asso that federates the BDE to organize even bigger events between the schools is extra

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The salsa club

Every week in the school hall, volunteers are welcome!